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Our new reporting dashboard provides a powerful vantage point for improving efficiency, supporting good governance and identifying risks and opportunities in your business.

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Find opportunities
for better efficiency

If you’re used to wading through multiple reports to get a clear view of the data and management information you need for sound business decision-making, Vantage is a game changer. It makes all your key business information more accessible than ever.

Demonstrate good client outcomes

Vantage gives you easily accessible data on the number and age of active clients in any given solution, wrapper and risk grade, making it refreshingly straightforward to answer your PROD obligations and see the size and shape of your assets with Parmenion.

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Identify risks and potential for growth

Vantage provides an annual view of AUM growth and where it comes from - by client, wrapper and new business. A monthly flows chart gives a net trend line for inflows and outflows, and you can explore the contribution made by individual advisers in your firm.


"It’s great Parmenion are prioritising giving firms accurate and meaningful data in a visual and easy to interact with way. Data is crucial for any great financial planning business looking to serve its clients forever and build for the future."

David Burridge, Paradigm Norton Financial Planning Ltd

"The Vantage platform provided by Parmenion provides excellent insight in a really clear and insightful manner. It’s so refreshing to be working alongside a company that puts the client at the centre of their thinking."

Dominic McLoughney, Becketts

Get started

Request a demo or contact us to add Vantage to your current Business overview. It can be switched on within a few days, and you decide who has access privileges - those who don’t simply won’t see the Explore with Vantage button. It’s your move.